Children’s Ministry (Passport to Paradise Program)

Children’s Ministry (Passport to Paradise Program)

Our Passport to Paradise Sunday School Program uses a rotational classroom scheme in which children are placed in groups based on age and those groups visit one of our four classrooms every week. Each of the four classrooms is centered around a different method of teaching and reinforcing the month’s topic and are the: Crafts Room where children create memorable crafts which serve as visual reminders of the lesson, the Museum Room where children explore the historical, cultural, and geographical aspects of the month’s lesson, the Games Room where children play fun and interactive games to help hone their knowledge of the month’s topic, and the Theater Room where children act out fun and memorable skits based on the month’s topic.
On months which have five Sundays (4 every year) we have a special devotional during class time where we also review that quarter’s lessons to further help children remember what they learned in class.

Vacation Bible School
  • VBS 2024 will be July 29-31

Every Summer, we host our Vacation Bible School, or “VBS.” We have several volunteers who come together each summer to make a spectacular, fun, and immersive experience for children to help them learn important lessons from the Bible. Vacation Bible School is also used as an outreach tool to reach families who otherwise may not encounter the gospel. During VBS, we also have classes for adults and teens.

Monthly Outreach Events

Every month, we have at least one children’s event. These are mainly meant to serve as community outreach events, but we make sure they are fun and memorable for the children. Keep an eye out for each monthly event on this year’s calendar!

Grant Fuller – Youth and Family Minister: 561-312-2890